PARKROYAL on Pickering Pool and "Birdcages"

PARKROYAL on Pickering is a work of art in architecture, views, and most importantly, customer service.

As co-founder and partner at Dynamic Sales Solutions, I am so fortunate to travel around the world to conduct sales training at exotic and beautiful locales. The places are amazing, but the people are the aspect of my job that I truly love. And some of those people really stand out.

My partner, Scott Russell, and I recently returned from a seven day business trip to Singapore, and I just had to boast about the most amazing young lady I met at the PARKROYAL on Pickering.

We were on Club Level and this young lady had such an impact on me! She represented, and solidified for me, another reason why I feel that travel is so rewarding.  Her smile, her thoughtfulness, and her genuine caring made a lasting impression on me, not only as a trainer, but as a guest of this already impressive hotel.

Her humility was authentic, and she was visibly concerned about her guests; in a way that was natural. It was apparent that she loved her job. Every morning or evening when I saw her- she brought me so much joy! Her smile, especially, warmed my heart.

As leaders in the hospitality industry we each have wonderful employees we encounter daily. They go above and beyond to take excellent care of guests, clients, and customers. Do we show or tell them that they are doing a great job?

Jun Jun is this young lady’s name, and I felt a true connection with her. I am certain that all of her guests feel this way, as she was so sweet, so wonderful – that I truly hope I have the opportunity to see her again during my future travels.

Thank you Jun Jun- for nothing but being you- you make me smile! ~ Kate