[The training] led by Kate and Scott was incredible, and the feedback from the team has been nothing but positive!  We all agree that this was the one training, delivered by true ‘in the moment’ sales professionals, that resonated with us all.  It was genuine, impactful, and highly effective.

Ms. Kerstin Pace
Director, Sales & Marketing
The Times Square EDITION
New York, New York


Dear Scott & Kate –

I wanted to reach out to you both and thank you again for the wonderful training you provided. As a new manager I have attended countless training sessions in the past and yours by far was the most enlightening, informative, and above all, FUN! It was within the first hour of the session that I felt motivated and intrigued. I went home and couldn’t wait for the next day!

Kate, no one has ever really honed in on negotiating skills with me. Throughout my years in hospitality I have picked up a few things here and there from listening and watching others, but never to the extent of what you taught us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Now when negotiating with clients, I will feel more confident.

Scott, your CCW approach was by far my biggest A-HA! moment. Opening a new hotel is amazing, but we are slowly starting to realize new challenges. The CCW will be so beneficial to me when addressing new prospects. I can’t wait for my next inquiry so that I’m able to use these skills to stand out from my competitors.

I plan to apply all of your techniques moving forward to better progress in sales and to become more successful in my career and life. Thank you both again for your time and encouragement. I hope that we cross paths again!

Ms. Stewart Mann
Event Sales Manager
Limelight Hotel Snowmass
Snowmass Village, Colorado


I want to extend a thank you, again, for sharing your insights and experience with our team this week. I found the training invaluable. I come from the operations world and have not had an opportunity for a formal sales training. Your personal approach with real-life stories made each sales tactic accessible and relatable. I left your program feeling empowered, educated, and excited to implement what was shared with us. I hope to cross paths again. THANK YOU!

Enza DePalma
Creative Producer, Special Events
The Standard, High Line
New York City


I wanted to thank you for the fantastic Level II: Selling Dynamically training this week at Montage Deer Valley.  It was one of the best and most relevant workshops I have attended. I left the training very inspired and motivated to take not only my up-selling skills, but my career, to the next level!  I have been in my position for 4 years, and this training showed me that I cannot afford to rest on my laurels; someone is always going to be working to  to make a better experience for our guests. I look forward to engaging the Catering & Conference Services team to create our Value Proposition and showing how we can provide a different experience for our guests. I loved hearing about your past experiences and the energy you brought to training was incredible.  Thank you for giving me a new outlook and truly inspiring me.  I look forward to the next session!

Alison Wallman
Senior Catering & Conference Sales Manager
Montage Deer Valley
Park City, Utah


Spending time with [Scott in his] element was pure magic! The training was thought-provoking and shook me out of my box! I’m so excited to use the new techniques DSS shared. I could listen to so much more of their work experiences, and I hope Emerald Coast Convention Center will work with DSS much more in the future. Thank you!

Tisha Maraj, CMP
Convention Sales Manager
Emerald Coast Convention Center
Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Scott and Kate are both such inspirations, and we so appreciate the continued support, knowledge, and encouragement by Dynamic Sales Solutions. We had a fantastic week and truly do look forward to a continued relationship with DSS for years to come. Fingers crossed for Sales Training #4!

Shaylyn Riley
Senior Luxury Travel Sales Manager
Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, California


Seeing what [Scott and Kate] do, and how they do it was amazing!  I already knew they were talented trainers…but, my gosh! The way they got everyone excited and passionate about selling…masterful!


Alexis Kagan
Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing
Proper Hotels
Venice, California

Thank you for the great sales training and being so passionate about what you do. You have proven to me that you can teach an old dog a new trick or two.

Nick Welyhorskyj
Area Director of Sales
Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills
Avalon Hotel & Bungalows Palm Springs

I can’t thank you both enough for the assistance, guidance and friendship I obtained from your phenomenal class. I couldn’t have been more excited to get back to work and utilize the tools you provided me. You two are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone spending time with and learning from. Not only are you some of the most admirable people I have met, but the greatest of sales people. I appreciate your passion- it resonates and I can feel it.

Meghan Cole
Catering & Conference Service Manager
Viceroy Snowmass
Snowmass Village, Colorado

Thank you both so much for the great, insightful session this week. From the bottom of my heart, it was the best training I’ve participated in, and held by far, the most relevance! This session has given me a great drive, and I feel like I’m going to ROCK at selling from here on out.

Veron See
Sales Associate
Pan Pacific

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all of your time, great energy, and wonderful lesson last week. You were informative, genuine, and inspirational in your sales methods and enthusiasm; it was a true treat to be a part of. It will be my continued goal to remember and practice what you shared with us. We will all be that much better having experienced sales through your eyes! All the best to you as you continue to share your knowledge and positive perspectives.

Peace Sanchez
Special Events & Catering Sales Director
The Lodge & Club
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I found Kate & Scott to be refreshing, and particularly found the combining of the Customer Service and Sales Teams during the training to be a collaborative interaction.  We often sink into an individual silo mode, so this helped us see a variation of perspectives; their goals vs our goals – though in the end, it is really our goals. I was reminded during the training that we should be doing everything we can to close business. It’s not what you book but what you move! The take away that I  left the training with, remember it’s all about the customer…find a way to give them what they want or need while meeting our goals by peeling away the layers. Thank you!

Paula Carlson
Senior Group Sales Manager
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
Hollywood, Florida

As we often get consumed with the day to day of things, it was great to have been reminded again of thoughtful approaches to take with our clients. It’s clear that you both are very passionate and I am thankful to be surrounded by the likes of you, and left inspired. I also really enjoyed the fireside chat and am excited to read your recommendations and discover how it has made a lasting impact on you (and hopefully me).

Wonnie Baik
Director of Supplier Relations
F1RST In Service Travel, Inc.
New York, New York

Thank you for the invitation to the 2016 Sales Training Seminar for the Viceroy Miami Sales & Marketing team.  The phrase “greatly exceeded my expectations” is not adequate enough to describe my experience.  Your vast experience as top sales professional’s shines through in a very real way.  The highly relevant course material was delivered in an engaging manner.  You have given the team the skills to outperform competition and powerfully negotiate.   The emphasis on leadership and ‘promoting oneself’ aligns perfectly with our company mantra and goals.   I have no doubt the team is now well equipped with a fresh and dynamic approach to exceeding our hotel and company’s objectives.  I would unhesitatingly recommend this training to anyone serious about improving the culture of their sales team and to overcome obstacles faced in the highly competitive landscape of hotel sales.

Nicholas A. Monteleone
Vice President of Sales, Americas
Viceroy Hotel Group
Los Angeles, California

Where do I begin when describing my experience with Dynamic Sales Solutions?  Words truly can’t express the overwhelming inspiration, passion, energy and most importantly results driven outcome that my team and I experienced with Kate and Scott.  With anything successful and or meaningful, there is usually a stand out and for me, it is the incredible knowledge and passion that they bring to the table.  Their enthusiasm and love that they have for the sales and hospitality is unrivaled in the market.  The motivation that they were able to fire up in my team and I is truly priceless and has even rolled into both our personal and professional lives.  We are still to this day talking about them and the lessons that were learned over a 2 day period.  I have never been in an official sales training course that one of my sellers raised their hand and said “I honestly do not want this training session to end.”  That came from a very seasoned Four Seasons trained, individual.  Kate and Scott are so incredibly unique and dynamic in every sense of the word.  There is a reason why the name of their company has the word “Dynamic” in the title.  This training is truly game changing…so much that I have already budgeted for a second session for 2016.  If you want to be on top and have the desire to win, then you must choose to learn from the best and that is undoubtedly,  Kate Harth and Scott Russell.

Michael Bridges
Director of Sales & Marketing
Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows
Santa Monica, California

Scott and Kate facilitated our training session this week in Denver. [They] were captivating, enthusiastic presenters with a clear passion for what [they] do. I hope our paths cross again!

Michelle Dickson
Director of Operations & Internal Development

For over five years, Kate Harth was the most memorable guest speaker for my graduate students studying hotel sales, marketing and revenue management, until finally I enlisted her to teach in the masters program at NYU. She has the capacity to make relevant the necessary integration of revenue, sales, and customer segments so that each young professional understands the synthesis of working together to deliver on a particular hotel brand promise.  Her enthusiasm never wanes and she is able to bring alive the underlying theory that moves the daily practice and strategic insights for successful hotel and revenue sales leadership.

Donna Quadri-Felitti, Ph.D., CHE, CHDM
NYU School of Professional Studies
Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism
Associate Professor  

Kate Harth’s leadership has profoundly shaped my career in Sales & Marketing.  Since training with Kate, I have consistently succeeded in delivering excellent results in some of the most competitive markets in North America. Kate’s powerful presence is tempered by her sense of humor and accessible demeanor and she inspires her teams to succeed without exception.  Those trained by Kate are separated from the rest by a drive that does not diminish in light of objections and changing conditions.  I would encourage you to connect your teams with Kate and marvel at the difference that is made.

Amy Ballard
Director of Sales & Marketing
Oak Bay Marine Group

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kate Harth in her role as SVP of Sales and Revenue with Morgans Hotel Group. I witnessed the complete transformation of the sales process and team within the organization. Kate’s unique ability to assess and analyze her team’s needs and the sales process propelled the sales organization forward by leaps and bounds. She not only created a sales strategy that drove revenues higher then they have ever been within the organization, she galvanized her team by motivating them to execute against that strategy. She inspired her team to consistently achieve and exceed their goals. She was particularly focused on the development of her people. She would provide opportunities to improve their skills through a variety of avenues and sometimes taking the lead in facilitating training herself. Although she learned a tremendous amount from best in class organizations such as Marriott and Ritz Carlton, it is her individual commitment and passion that makes her stand out. She has an intuitive sense on what people and companies need to be successful. You can’t teach that, you can just grab on and enjoy the ride. I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with Kate in the future. She is an outstanding professional and a subject matter expert in all things related to sales, revenue, and marketing.

Roger Casalengo
Senior VP of Human Resources

Having worked with Scott Russell for a number of years I have seen his expertise and knowledge drive incredible results on many fronts, all which drive revenue. His understanding of the sales process and ability to locate and train the most talented people is second to none. Scott is not only a leader in the hospitality industry but also an innovator with cunning foresight who is always ahead of the curve.

Matthew Lindley
Owner & Chief Operating Officer
Professional Golf Management, Inc

Kate Harth presented to a group of sales executives in Ireland on behalf of Failte Ireland-the National Tourism Development Authority in Ireland. Her knowledge  on sales and practical know-how made for a fantastic learning experience? Delivered with  enthusiasm and dynamism she shared her wealth of knowledge & unique insights to the benefit of all.  She exceeded expectations and in doing so, this event organiser, received many kudos.  Thank you Kate and continued success.

Mary Hall
Manager- Management Development,
Hallmark Training
Failte, Ireland

I have had the opportunity to work with Kate in several roles over the past 19 years, from Group Sales to Director of Sales and Marketing in two Ritz-Carlton hotels to senior corporate leadership positions.  She served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the EDITION brand during the initial development and launch beginning in 2009 and as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Morgans Hotel Group.  Anyone who meets Kate is instantly aware of a very rare passion, drive and intensity and she uses those skills and more to create an environment of relentless, tenacious pursuit of goals. She has experience in all segments- catering, group, travel industry, business travel, and valuable specialty segments like entertainment and diplomatic and has deep, strong relationships with the most important players in her field and a stellar reputation. She is strategic and a great recruiter, who not only attracts the very best talent, but is 100% committed to supporting and developing them while insisting on performance, results and excellence.  She has a gift for public speaking and training and can inspire and captivate an audience of any size. She is a smart businesswoman who pays close attention to the impact of her work on the profitability of the company and has operated in brands across many tiers, both union and non-union. She is the very, very best I have ever worked with in Sales in the hotel industry!

Dan Flannery
Former COO of Morgans Hotel Group and
Former Managing Director of Ritz Carlton Hotels of New York

Scott Russell is a solution-oriented leader.  His approach to hospitality revenue and sales management is multifaceted, while always keeping the his primary focus on the desired end result.  Scott possesses a wealth of business knowledge and freely shares this with others to inspire learning.

Karen McNevin
Vice President of Hospitality and Human Resources
Howard Group
Destin, Florida