Team members enjoying a glass of champagne and celebrating success together.

When you celebrate success, you also show gratitude, motivate your employees, and encourage long term progress.

When was the last time you celebrated success for a colleague, friend, or family member? Today…yesterday…last month…last year?

What?! You can’t remember?! Not to worry. It happens to most of us at some point.

In today’s often hectic environment, we sometimes fail to stop and celebrate success. In a world of instant gratification, the art of “thoughtful action” is often overlooked or lost altogether.

There are many ways to celebrate success, large and small. Some take planning while others can be managed with little time or forethought.

“The celebration of success overshadows the challenges that were encountered along the way.” Jeffrey Benjamin

If a work colleague closed an important business deal – a deal so big that it allowed your hotel to successfully meet the month’s forecasted budget – in what ways might you or your team come together to celebrate his/her achievement? And would you keep in mind that his/her accomplishment benefited everyone, and should be duly noted?  There are many ways to recognize someone’s contributions. But before you leap into the world of well meaning, overdue “thank-yous,” there is one important aspect of celebrating success that the “giver” needs to keep in mind: Any gift-giving, party planning, or other means of celebrating a person’s success should be tailored in a way that is meaningful to the recipient. For example:

For the Foodie or Wine Enthusiast
Does your honoree love food or wine? If so, perhaps give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or a ticket to their favorite upcoming wine tasting or food event.

For the Formidable Single Parent
Today’s office environment includes people from all backgrounds. Maybe the person you’re celebrating is a single mom or dad. If so, you might encourage your colleagues (who are able) to pool a few of their accrued “off hours” and give this special person a much-deserved, extra day-off.

For the Workplace Altruist
May be this individual is in a high-stress, nonstop role, but still always manages to finds time to help or listen to others. Think “spa day” or relaxing pool/cabana day at your hotel or another location with his/her family and friends.

These ideas are very targeted, and can be costly. But not all celebrations of success take money or a huge group effort.  Some don’t require any financial outlay but are still very powerful:

  • A well-thought-out, handwritten note from the boss
  • A special (and specific) phone call from someone at the c-suite level
  • Office pot-luck where he/she is the honoree

Celebrating success for family or friends can be even more personalized. Ideas for these special folks in your life include:

  • An offer to watch their children so they can enjoy a night out
  • Making their favorite dish, and delivering it to them personally
  • Inviting a group of family or friends over to share a good bottle of wine in his or her honor

Success comes in many shapes and forms and so should the celebration. As the calendar year winds down, consider committing to two things in the upcoming year. First, celebrate the successes of your colleagues, friends, and family more often. And when you do, be sure to do it with personalization that come from the heart.