The holidays are one of the most important planning times of the years in many offices.

Working on projects during the holidays can be challenging. Follow these tips to make it easier.

‘Tis the season for budgets, marketing plans, deciding who will attend the next industry trade show, and all other things “end-of-the-year”!

Oh the joys! Oh the hours, the facts and stats, the countless trips to the copier and water cooler to re-hydrate before diving back in!

It is easy this time of year to become bogged down in the weeds. Forgetting to consider the thoughts of others. So, I’d like to remind you to make sure you involve your team in your 2017 plans. They should be a part of what you are committing them to accomplish in their department! And its a terrific learning tool for them as well.  Then in 2017, when it is time to put the plan into play, be sure to reconvene, adjust accordingly to the market’s supply and demand, as well as to any team changes. Then bring the plan to life so its not a “silly annual project,” but one that actually tells a story of how your team will be successful throughout the upcoming year. Good luck!