Travel. It is so rewarding in so many ways. Scott and I just returned from 14 wonderful days on the road (but mostly, in the air!), and upon reflection, we are amazed at how far we came and went in two weeks’ time. From our original starting points – Scott from the Florida Panhandle, and me from New York City – we traveled to Los Angeles and then on to Las Vegas. We then returned briefly to LA before making the trip to Singapore. There, we trained a number of dynamic leaders for several days, then each headed home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Travel Dynamically

Stay tuned for our upcoming year-in-review edition that goes much, much deeper into DSS’s numbers for 2017.

I say this often, but it always bears repeating: the people are what make our work so meaningful. While away, we had the opportunity to work with individuals at all levels within the three companies with whom we worked. We worked with C-Suite executives in nearly every role, Human Resources Directors, Senior Vice Presidents of Sales, Directors of Sales Management, General Managers, and others too numerous to list.  Each of these professionals hold roles that assist in driving revenue for their companies.

I’m truly staggered at the numbers! Looking at even the short list shows how much we have grown, and most importantly, how very fortunate we are. Here are just a few of the “numbers” from the trip:

  • We taught and trained 330 hoteliers in
  • Three different organizations, and
  • Worked all 14 days while we were away.
  • We took seven flights, and
  • Overnighted in five different hotels. This led to…
  • Two very, very humbled and blessed Partners at Dynamic Sales Solutions.

How fortunate we are!  Scott and I are thankful for a wonderful year – filled with new adventures. We extend our gratitude for the support, enthusiasm, and our clients’ seemingly endless eagerness to grow and learn.