I am sure by now everyone is well into working hard to achieve their New Year’s resolution. Whether it be to lose weight, stop smoking, be a better partner or even get more sleep, we all make these every year, and luckily some dedicated people reach their goals. To be honest I have never successfully achieved mine, but with the hard work in both my personal and professional life that I  expended in 2017, I feel that I am on track to accomplish my goals in 2018. Send your positive thoughts my way. I can do it!

Professional resolutions for 2018 will encourage you to keep promises to yourself, your clients, and your colleagues.

Professional resolutions for 2018 will encourage you to keep promises to yourself, your clients, and your colleagues.

So, most of us realize the importance of planning for change (i.e. yearly resolutions) in our personal lives, but how many people apply that same philosophy in their professional lives? Yes, professional resolutions. We spend as much or more time working and conducting business as we do outside of the workplace living the lives for which we go to work in an effort to support.  So, why wouldn’t we make a conscience yearly commitment to bettering ourselves professionally too? We all have thoughts of what we want to achieve this year, but have you resolved to do it?

Together, Kate and I develop business goals each year, along with a list of words that we want to use as the defining terms of our product delivery and customer service. But this year we are also making individual and team resolutions that will help us grow internally. Our New Year’s resolutions for Dynamic Sales Solutions will benefit us by:

  • Encouraging us to accept new challenges for business growth and development.
  • Inspiring the integration of new training opportunities for our clients using a variety of platforms.
  • Reminding us to investigate and augment elements of our business where there are opportunities for improvement.

We are making professional resolutions, and we urge you to do the same. Here are a few resolutions you might want to consider:

Write down your career goals for this year. You'll be more likely to keep them.

Write down your career goals for this year. You’ll be more likely to keep them.

  • Real interaction with a client. Yes! Actually pick up the phone and call or visit a client in-person, rather than relying on electronic communication. This includes current clients (“I’m just calling to say ‘thank you’ for your business, Mr. Smith.”) – not just prospects.
  • Be a positive influence on your colleagues, clients, and others in the work environment. For instance, offer to help a colleague before they ask.
  • Commit to keeping your social media platforms updated, lively, and relevant.
  • Give your company 125% (not 100%, as that is simply meeting basic expectations).
  • Read a new book on leadership, sales, or some other topic that is applicable to your role.

I could go on and on, but you probably get the picture. So go forth and resolve to resolve a professional resolution. Be sure to share with us Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter what your resolutions are for 2019. Cheers to a rewarding 2018!