Recently, I was traveling overseas and had an experience I felt compelled to share with you.

While abroad, I came down with a very sudden and very nasty bug that rendered me completely helpless. So sick that I was incapable of checking out of the hotel, I was overwhelmed by the instant assistance and care that was provided to me; Care that was beyond five-star. The staff took such good care of me, that in my awful moment of being sick, I was reminded of my childhood, and the way my mother had cared for me. It was such a comfort, and I knew everything would be okay. The reaction was immediate, the caring was genuine, and the gratitude I fell is immense.

Being sick while traveling is sometimes inevitable.

Being sick while traveling is sometimes inevitable. The people who you rely on can easily make it better, or much worse.

When we are sick all we want is to be home. Yet here I was, continents away and in very bad shape. Despite my longing for home, I couldn’t have been in better hands. One extraordinary young lady was so caring and kind to me. I recall feebly asking her, “Who taught you to do this?” She simply said, “My mother.”

To my new friends, made while in a terrible state (and you know who you are!): I am grateful for how you cared for me.

Thank you.

And to the mother of the young lady I mentioned: Thank you! You raised an amazing young lady who I wanted to whisk away to my home in New York City as she didn’t leave my side; escorting me all the way to the security area of the gate at the airport once I was able to walk again.

Some trips don’t go as planned. This one is an example of that. But it went better than I can imagine when I consider to circumstances, and I am eternally grateful.

Are we doing the same for our customers?