“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience becomes your trademark.”

A friend sent this quote to me last year and I find myself visiting it often. Do you know someone that when they walk into a room the room lights up with their smile and their aura of a genuine confidence. Yes, I said confidence. Confidence without arrogance is a good thing. As the quote above states confidence can be seen and felt by your smile, personality and how you interact with others.

The definition of CONFIDENCE: A feeling or consciousness of one’s power or a reliance of one’s circumstance, a relation of trust.

Studies show that people want to do business and buy from people who exhibit and have a sense of confidence. Their confidence comes out in their eye contact, the dialogue they engage in and their genuine care and concern for the client’s needs and wishes.  

When a confident person takes the time to build a relationship, uncover and fully understand the needs and gets the client involved their chances for closing a sale is greatly increased.

So go out and show your confidence through you smile, your personality and your actions.