Dynamic Sales Solutions, Inc. takes the success of our trainees very seriously. After you take a course with us, we have an overwhelming desire to hear feedback from those in attendance. We recently completed a training and the comments on the surveys were great; super, even. And of course, we were pleased with how they made our training relevant to our clients’ jobs. The attendees felt the workshops had guaranteed returns and enthusiasm for changing or finessing the way they sell. But what we want to share with you is the underlying themes/comments that we hear over and over again. This is critically important, because at DSS, it isn’t the way we feel when the training sessions are over – but the way you feel. And the way you feel is overwhelmingly that of appreciation and respect for your superior’s investment in you and your future with the company.

The THREE things we hear the most are:

  1. Your humble appreciation and gratitude for your boss, hotel, General Manager and others for investing in you and seeing you as a person in whom they should endow resources.
  2. Our attendees often tell us how they will not only use our methods in the workplace, but also in their personal lives. And bosses know that employees who are satisfied in their personal lives tend to much more productive and committed in the workplace.
  3. We are often told how our workshops create a keen sense of introspection in those who attend. They begin looking more at themselves and their own paths to self-improvement.
Scott Russell & Kate Harth conduct a training in Vancouver, Canada.

Scott Russell & Kate Harth conduct a training in Vancouver, Canada.

These types of insight make us just want to reiterate a single point again and again: We all need to regroup, refresh and re-energize! And we need to INVEST in our people! If, as leaders, we do not invest in those who make our company great, they will find another company that will.