Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning makes for a fresh, new season full of possibilities.

Welcome Spring!

It is that time of the year when new life emerges, positive changes are upon us, and life just seems to be sunny and cheerful. It’s spring again!

The most notable thing that happens for me in the spring is the time change. The days are longer and darkness doesn’t push us indoors at such early hours. Because of the additional hours of sunlight I am much more productive. As long as it is light outside I stay active both personally and professionally. I don’t plan on it, it just always seems that I become much busier this time of year.

And because spring is also a time for sprucing things up and dusting things off, I also get the knack to clean. Many do what is called “Spring Cleaning; and that can take many forms. It could be cleaning out the closet and giving away clothes that you no longer wear in order to make room for the season’s new purchases. It could mean a deep clean around the house and getting those dust balls in the corners of the room or under the furniture swept away. It can also mean getting the lawn and garden in shape to reap the warmer weather and begin to flourish again after going brown over the winter months. Many often take the beginning of spring to get their active self-moving again to ensure they are in great shape for shorts and bathing suit weather. “Spring Cleaning” that’s meant to refresh our social and home lives comes naturally. It is almost instinctual, like bears coming out of hibernation.

But how many of us take the time to do some “Spring Cleaning” in our professional lives; or even think of it in the first place?

When your personal and professional lives both get the spring cleaning they need, they are better balanced for working together to make you successful.

When your personal and professional lives both get the spring cleaning they need, they are better balanced for working together to make you successful.

Spring Cleaning for Your Inner & Outer Professional

Your career life also needs occasional maintenance. That side of life needs to be spruced up and dusted off in a similar fashion. Take a look around you at work and see what needs to be cleaned out (like your closet) so you can make room for new books, new inspirational photos or fresh desk pads. Also clean up the dust in your work life (like a deep clean). Commit to calling people back or write an e-mail that not only grabs attention but also results in action. You might also commit to mentoring an up and coming office star who shows signs of great promise. Or, ask your boss or leader for some time to review your goals for the upcoming season quarter.

Take a deep look at your inward and outward appearance (like your lawn), and make sure it is fresh and reflects your brand accurately. Get your professional persona excited and on the move again by reading a book on leadership, writing a blog, signing up for a training class or finding new ways to network.

Not only does “Spring Cleaning” apply to your personal life but it should become an annual a part of your professional life as well.

What other ways can you do “Spring Cleaning” at work?