Win their hearts and minds

This New Year, take responsibility as a leader to win the hearts and minds of your sales team.

So here we are a few short days into the New Year. As everyone talks about resolutions, promises about shedding those extra pounds, saving more money or exercising more (a few of the most popular resolutions!!) – why don’t we look at 2015 as the year of responsibility.  For example – I take responsibility as a leader, an HR Director, VP, etc. I take full responsibility in providing the basic elements our sales professionals need in order to perform at higher levels. We have to keep committing back to our sales forces so they continue to drive revenues into the organization. A pat on the back and an “atta boy” is great, but we have to reach their hearts and their minds.  And by showing them we care about your growth, we care about helping you fine-tune your skills and you as the leader show this commitment through actions and training, team dynamics, a team building- whatever it is that the individuals and the team needs in order to excel… well that’s taking responsibility as a leader and a pretty easy enough way to follow through on your commitments.бюджетные смартфоны samsungtruck beds coversпродвижение сайта в поисковикахаватар легенда о корре порно видеоindian independent escort malaysiaоформить кредит на карту кукурузаглавный офис хоум кредит банккак взять кредит 100 тысяч